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Composite Mobility BV

Welcome to the website of Composite Mobility, the flexible, innovative forerunner in the field of unique composite vehicles with electric drive systems. As you are aware, city centres are increasingly implementing measures to reduce diesel pollution, thus paving the way for electric drive systems to prove themselves as a worthy replacement.

inner city3Composite Mobility focusses on functionality and design, tailor made according to customer requirements. A composite construction is not only stronger than metal, but also corrosion free, lightweight and has a useful life of over forty years! Our vehicles, regardless of the countless forms in which they are produced, are invariably of a functional & high quality design. We are therefore pleased to serve as your partner in supplying vehicles for special purposespublic transportinner- city freight transport and airport mobile applications.

Composite Mobility proudly presents the latest sensation: the ‘CM Mission’, ideally suited for passenger transport, inner-city freight transport, for service as an airport shuttle and with a high level of interior finishing for VIP transport. Its combination of a composite body and electric drive system makes this bus lightweight, compact, quiet, economical, ergonomic, and above all highly sustainable. Look around the website to learn more about the further benefits available. Thank you for visiting, and we look forward to seeing you again!